Cerulean Exhilaration

Salaam Walaykum,

Chefchaouen. It was a dream. And it was blue. All blue. The color blue is the color of the sea. And the sea represents the intuition and the subconscious mind—where our world is created. Blue can also symbolize freedom and optimism.  I felt something similar to the tranquil feeling I experience with being near the ocean; I was submerged in the serenity of this enchanting blue town. The people walked slowly and with no rush. Catcalls and “ca va’s” were absent, allowing me to feel more relaxed. Even the trees were at ease, majestic in their being.  Salubrious air. It was truly one of the most superb places I had ever seen and experienced.  Since its beauty is impossible for me to describe accurately, I will devote this post to mostly pictures, which still cannot convey the grandeur of this cerulean city.

So invigorating…Lhamdulilah!

blue doors


man in the street.

then there were goats.

another sweet soul I met on my journey.

small stream.

what a dream.




cerulean stairs.

trees just chillin’

hiked up to the mosque. savored the view.

venture with me.

the winner.



One response to “Cerulean Exhilaration

  1. Hi Nicole,

    This is Yaw Davis a board member of Black Women for Wellness. Brother Yaw Sankofa told me you were in Africa.

    We are so proud of you. Have a wonderful journey.

    Brother Yaw Davis

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